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Letters to Olga / Writings 5 [E - book] Václav Havel

The fifth volume of Václav Havel's Writings contains the book Letters to Olga from 1983.

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  • Number of pages: 730

From his arrest on 29th May 1979, or from his subsequent stay in pre-trial detention, until 7th February 1983, when his sentence was suspended for health reasons and he was transferred to the public hospital Pod Petřínem in Prague (from where he was released on 4th March 1983 ), Václav Havel wrote a total of 165 letters (the first on June 4th, 1979 - dated by mistake on March 4th, 1979 -, the last on February 5th, 1983) to his wife Olga Havlová (July 11th, 1933 - January 21st, 1996).

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