Censored Zdeněk Neubauer

99 CZK  259 CZK

Censurováno (Censored), the 15th VHL Notebook, contains a series of letters written by Zdeněk Neubauer, undoubtedly one of the most distinctive and original of Czech contemporary thinkers, to his brother-in-law Václav Benda in prison between 1980 and 1983.


Havel – Janouch Václav Havel, František Janouch

 299 CZK  535 CZK

Correspondence between Václav Havel and František Janouch from 1978 to 2001.


Havel – Prečan Vojtěch Čelko

 399 CZK  620 CZK

Correspondence between Václav Havel and Vilém Prečan from 1983 to 1989.


Creators of the World (An Anthology) Zdeněk Urbánek

99 CZK  135 CZK

Stvořitelé světa (výbor) (Creators of the World (An Anthology)) comprises six autobiographical reminiscences in prose by Zdeněk Urbánek (1917 – 2008) that vary in length and tone.


What Is Required Today (VHL Workbooks No 12) Ladislav Hejdánek

99 CZK

A selection from the Intellectual Diaries of one of the most important Czech philosophers of the second half of the 20th century – Ladislav Hejdánek.


Václav Havel on Theatre Václav Havel, Anna Freimanová (ed.)

 299 CZK  390 CZK

A collection of Václav Havel's texts on theatre - newspaper articles, reviews, profiles, comments on the author’s own plays, philosophical essays, correspondence, speeches, academic papers, and recollections.


Motomorphoses Václav Havel

 229 CZK  250 CZK

Motomorphosis and Ela, Hela, and The Hitch, two early theatrical works by Václav Havel.


Divided by the Past. The formation of political identities in the Czech Republic after 1989 Adéla Gjuričová, Michal Kopeček, Petr Roubal, Jiří Suk, Tomáš Zahradníček

 189 CZK  379 CZK

A collective monograph exploring the shaping of Czech political culture after 1989.


Book of life (VHL Workbooks No 11) Vácslav Havel (Atom)

99 CZK  199 CZK

Anthology of spiritist texts by the grandfather of Václav Havel, Vácslav Havel.


Havel in a Nutshell. 14 lessons about one personality and each tim for teachers and students Nina Rutová

99 CZK  209 CZK

A workbook for secondary school students introducing the life and work of Václav Havel in 14 creative lessons.


Vladimír Vokolek – Anecdotal Anonymous Nation (VHL Workbooks No 9) Vladimír Vokolek

99 CZK  149 CZK

The first Czech poetic reflection on the Communist putsch, Victorious February 1948.


Letters from Olga Ivan M. Havel a kol.

 199 CZK  399 CZK

Letters that friends of Václav Havel sent to him in prison, which inspired the creation of the world famous Letters to Olga.


Daniel Kroupa - History of Kampademie (VHL Workbooks No 8) Daniel Kroupa

99 CZK  149 CZK

History of the unofficial "underground" academy whose activities significantly influenced the thinking of Václav Havel.


Zdeněk Neubauer - Consolatio Philosophiae Hodierna (VHL Workbooks No 7) Zdeněk Neubauer

99 CZK  129 CZK

An essay devoted to the first published letters that Václav Havel wrote in prison.


Fausting with Havel Pavel Bratinka, Ivan M. Havel, Daniel Kroupa, Zdeněk Neubauer, Martin Palouš, Radim Palouš, Helena Webrová

99 CZK  249 CZK

Collection on Václav Havel's 50th birthday dedicated to his play Temptation.


Interviews with the 36ers and Silver Wind (VHL Workbooks No 6)

 149 CZK  279 CZK

Anthology of work by the Thirty-sixers, whose leading figure was Václav Havel.


Jiří Kuběna - Masks, Drawings and Paintings (VHL Workbooks No 5) Jiří Kuběna

99 CZK  159 CZK

The emergence of poet Jiří Kuběna as an artist. Foreword written by Václav Havel.


Eternal Times

 340 CZK  400 CZK

A publication offering in three parts a triple approach to evoking Czech totalitarian everyday life (1948-1989).

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