Cotton Handbag / Filip Topol – Kilián Nedory Filip Topol

 250 CZK

A cotton handbag with a quotation and illustration from the book Kilián Nedory by Filip Topol.


Havel to the Castle Miloš Fikejz

 129 CZKSold out

Reprint of the legendary poster "Havel na Hrad" (Havel to the Castle), which was for the first time displayed during the turbulent days of November 1989 ... It is possible to buy it both in person at Ostrovní 13, Prague or through a cash delivery (in that case, however, it is necessary to take into consideration of the postage and packing fee of 200CZK).


CD Václav Havel (audiobook) Eda Kriseová

 239 CZK  299 CZK

The only authorized biography of Václav Havel. Second, expanded and revised edition. Audiobook – MP3 CD.


DVD Audience Václav Havel

99 CZKSold out

A recording of the legendary production Audience from the Pražský Činoherní klub with Josef Abrhám and Pavel Landovský.


DVD Citizen Václav Havel Goes on Vacation Jan Novák, Adam Novák

 389 CZK

This 77-minute documentary recreates a trip around Czechoslovakia that its future president Václav Havel took in 1985 when he was still the country's most prominent dissident.


DVD Olga Miroslav Janek

 189 CZK

Report on observation of an object, that refused to testify and did whatever he wanted.


LP Fantasiain G minor. Dietrichstein Tomb in Mikulov on 26 August 2007 Filip Topol

 490 CZKSold out

Remastered recording of a Filip Topol organ concert made at the Dietrichstein Tomb in Mikulov on 26 August 2007. Limited edition of 300 vinyl LPs with accompanying CD.


DVD Citizen Havel

49 CZK

An epic documentary by Pavel Koutecký and Miroslav Janek following the life of Václav Havel between 1992 and 2003.


DVD Leaving

99 CZK

A film that isn't only about leaving high politics, shot by Václav Havel and based on his stage play of the same title.


DVD A Tribute to Václav Havel (2003)

 229 CZK

Recording of a ceremonial evening at the National Theatre dedicated to Václav Havel.


DVD of concert tribute to Václav Havel at the Lucerna Palace, Prague December 23rd 2011

99 CZK

Edited highlights of the concert "A Tribute to Václav Havel", which took place at the Lucerna Palace on 23. 12. 2011.

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