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My Memoires Václav M. Havel

The first full edition of the memoires of the father of Václav Havel and the founder of the Prague district of Barrandov.

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  • Weight: 1226 g
  • EAN/ISBN: 978-80-87490-97-6
  • Number of pages: 916
  • Size: 16 × 20,8 cm
  • Binding: Hardback
  • Published: 2018
  • Edition: First
  • Publisher: Knihovna Václava Havla
  • Language: Czech

Mé vzpomínky (My Memoires) by Václav Maria Havel (1897–1979), father of Václav Havel, can be read in several ways. As the self-portrait of a personality whose entrepreneurial spirit was, in a completely natural manner, married to social responsibility. As a chronicle of one of the most prominent families in early 20th century Prague. Or as a monumental fresco of the beginnings of modern Czech history. After all, it was Václav M. Havel who stood at the head of key student and civic activities in the First Republic (such as the YMCA), who built the Lucerna Palace, who founded the new Prague district of Barrandov… The book is coming out in the original form conceived by the author and contains more than 300 period photographs and archival documents, the majority of which were previously unpublished.

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